Wednesday, 24 November 2010

never had this in my day

cool, hein?  hat-tip just about everybody


Anonymous said...

What is it? A row of cabbages?

Anonymous said...

No,its the police.One of whom was nearly killed a week or so ago when a member of our 'best and brightest'thought it a bit of a 'wheeze'to drop a fire extinguisheron his/her head from a great height..

Anonymous said...

Not a wheeze then. Did the person say it was a wheeze?
Were they a dead ringer for Ian Carmichael playing Betrie Wooster?

The photograph is unclear and that's why I said it looked like row of cabbages. Not denigrating the police, sorry last Anon if you thought that I was. Just couldn't see. Getting a bit old, maybe? Can't change that, sadly .

Jane Griffiths said...

sorry anon 1923, I did not mean to lay you open to that, failed to anticipate how the thread was going, I get sneered at too for that sort of thing and I know how it hurts, because, as you say, you cannot un-old yourself

Anonymous said...

It's the Police facing students who are carrying banners saying "give us more help for edukation Mr Cameroon".