Friday, 26 November 2010

old and sad - now Phil Woolas is really a non-person

I do not know how they can do this, while the legal proceedings are still going on, whaever happened to innocent until proved guilty, no by-election has been called, this has been sent to Labour activists today with a copy of a leaked LibDem email, addressee's name removed

Please see the below email our online team has just seen from the Liberal Democrats about Oldham East and Saddleworth.

the Lib Dems are swamping the constituency with activists from across the country. We run the serious risk of being out campaigned if we don’t rise to this challenge.
it is critically important that you come and help us in Oldham if you can.
I am personally asking for a favour from you.
It is your help here that will make the difference.
will you come and help this weekend?
Sign up here or call the office on 07872 417 249.
Thank you and see you soon.
Noel Hutchinson
North West Regional Director
Subject: Four weekends to win in Oldham and Saddleworth
This Christmas, you can give Parliament a new Liberal Democrat MP.
Delays to Oldham East and Saddleworth legal proceedings mean we now expect the by-election to take place very early in January.
That gives us a longer campaign and the opportunity to speak to more voters on the doorstep. But to take advantage of the extra few weeks, we need people on the ground now and throughout December.
There could be as few as eight working days in 2011 before Polling Day. That means we must win this by-election before Christmas. Please do not wait until the New Year to help out.
There are four weekends between now and the Christmas holidays. We need as many Liberal Democrat activists as possible working in the constituency each and every weekend until then.
If you can help out during the week, that would be very welcome too. The Greenfield HQ is open every day from 9am to 8pm. There are a map and directions on Elwyn Watkins' website.
Thank you to the hundreds of people who have already helped out in some way. Elwyn and the team really appreciate it.
Already lots of our parliamentarians have been to help. For the first time in most of our lifetimes, we have Government ministers campaigning for the Liberal Democrats in a by-election. Andrew Stunell has been several times, Steve Webb met pensioners in the constituency today and Energy Secretary Chris Huhne visited last weekend.
As well as meeting voters, Chris went to a great green energy project in the constituency and recorded a video message for the campaign.
Please join many other activists, councillors and parliamentarians by coming to help us get our message out. The forecast is for great weather in Oldham East and Saddleworth this weekend. I hope to see you there.
Best wishes,
Hilary Stephenson
Director of Campaigns and Elections, Liberal Democrats
P.S. Remember: we must win this by-election before Christmas so please come as soon as you can.

was tempted to give the LibDem one a bit of a fisking, but you can probably do it for me. Especially "in most of our lifetimes" - were they really expecting anyone who can remember 1906 to be out on the knocker?


Jonathan said...

Lloyd George was prime minister to 1922. Archibald Sinclair was Secretary of State for Air in Churchill's wartime government.

Jane Griffiths said...

even so - my mother was 16 in 1945, which is young to be an activist (which she was not) and she is 82 now, which is old to be out on the knocker (which she is not)

Jonny said...

And poor old Sinclair lost his seat in 1945

Anonymous said...

Dead people vote in Northern Ireland...maybe the Lib Dems are just trying to go one better, and get the 1906 activists revivified.