Monday, 15 November 2010

who threw the extinguisher?

a thought, as the broken glass is swept up and the insurance claims submitted, after the "occupation" of Tory HQ last week, for which partly hat-tip Tom Harris, who says:

The students involved in last week’s incident were angry, and understandably so, since many of them, despite Labour’s warnings, had believed the LibDems’ silly, cynical and undeliverable promises on tuition fees. Anger is allowed. Violence – even against property – isn’t.

That's what made me so cross when I watched the coverage of those events last week.  I hadn't quite worked it out at the time.  The students were stupid.  Just plain stupid, to believe the LibDems, who everyone knows are a franchise operation and not a proper political party, and who will say anything, anywhere, to anyone.  People who are being educated, even if they are young, should know better.  They were credulous fools to believe the LibDem promises, and silly to vote for them if they did.  I am sure that many of the students thought it was a fun and exciting thing to be doing, demos often are good fun, and of course we know about the agitators in the crowd, they are always there.  But to feel let down by the LibDems is just unintelligent.  And "Fund My Future" is an idiotic slogan.

Foolish boys and girls.  Now, if you don't like the LibDems any more, you will have a choice of several other parties to vote for at the next opportunity.

That's it really.  A lot of broken glass for not very much.


Alex Chalmers said...

Not all the students were vandals. It was just the actions of the few:

Anonymous said...

Demos never change anything. Fun - or not - but no change - ever.

Anonymous said...

"the LibDems...who will say anything, anywhere, to anyone."

So name me a politician who won't.

Jane Griffiths said...

Tony Blair

Anonymous said...

Having been an avid reader (and occasional contributor) of your blog for the past 4 years your last post has convinced me that you do actually have a sense of humour.

Anonymous said...

Jane - your last post made me chuckle !

Anon 10:44 - so did yours :)