Tuesday, 16 November 2010

let's keep it as it was

Christopher Maskell,, the man who nearly crossed the floor in 2008 but was bullied out of it by Mr Salter, cannot let go of that moment, it is clear.  Mr M has been reselected to serve as Labour candidate for Battle ward in west Reading, the boys inform us.  Mr M posts, about the Remembrance Sunday event at Brock Barracks in west Reading, "Let's keep it as it is".  Not sure what he means by that, but he has chosen to use a picture of the wreath-laying which features - yes - Mr Salter, along with the Conservative MP for Reading East Rob Wilson, thus dating the picture between 2005 and 2009.  WTF?  


Anonymous said...

Do we know the reason for his hasty resignation from the Board of Governors of Battle School yet? Odd, bearing in mind he had just been made Chair, and it is in his ward.

Anonymous said...

Impending bad news?