Monday, 22 November 2010

more lies and the lying liars who tell them

the massed ranks of Reading Labour at the demo - both of them
this time it is the Reading Evening Post, which informs us as follows:

Around 1,000 Labour activists from Reading took part in the London march and demonstration opposing the increase in tuition fees on Wednesday last week.

their usual nearly two-week delay before reporting anything, while they take the line from the politician of choice, which causes some head-scratching at HMV Towers now that Mr Salter has gone into exile.  But there are not 1000 "Labour activists" in Reading.  There are  not 1000 Labour Party members in Reading.  HMV knows this quite well, and has reported the above knowing it is a lie.  Not for the first time does it report known untruths of course.  But hey, this is Her Majesty's Press, accountable to nobody, so wtf.  The piece quotes Jon Fatboy Hartley.  But it does not say that although he was there he did not march under any kind of Reading labour or other Labour banner.  Ashamed perhaps.  Though shame is not his strong point, as doing any kind of work is not.  Hartley has been telling people he did not march under a Labour banner, and if I know it here in Strasbourg why does His Master's Voice not know it or not choose to report it?  And why does Reading Labour not publish the press release on which the above story is based on its own website?  And why does Basher not link to Reading Labour?

I think we should be told.


Anonymous said...

Is that Comrade Lake on the right?

Anonymous said...

Can't even mount a straight banner.
Inspirational stuff.

Anonymous said...

The Post has changed their article. Power to you!