Friday, 12 November 2010

give us your money

is what the students were saying on Wednesday.  Yes, that's right peeps, they want your money so they can earn lots more of it later than you probably do.  In fact I blame the police for what happened at Millbank.  They were not apparently monitoring the anarchist planning of the criminal damage that took place, which was being done on Twitter, hardly a private means of communication.  So the reinforcements took three hours to turn up.  And someone, seemingly not one of the anarchists, threw a fire extinguisher at the police, and should therefore be charged with attempted murder.  The non-anarchist little loves were waving placards saying "Fund Our Future" - give us your money.  Not apparently embarrassed at all.  The Daily Mail naturally enough photographed the prettier girls and told us about their privileged backgrounds.  One of the latter, who got on to the roof, was called McKenzie.  Basher McKenzie tells us that he was there, he does not tell us whether he bashed anybody.

Higher education is done, and funded, wrong in the UK.  Nowhere in the world seems to have a a perfect system, certainly not France, where students are warehoused in lecture theatres in their hundreds and the dropout rate at the end of the first year is near fifty per cent.  Not in Germany, where if you don't fancy taking the end of year exams you don't bother, delaying graduation for ten years or more if you feel like it.  In the USA, where fees are about 40K, things are done rather better.  My American niece and nephew are just about to go to medical and law school respectively.  Both are receiving full bursaries, awarded to them because of high academic achievement.

It isn't about fees.

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Anonymous said...

And neither can it possibly be about what a former Labour Chief Whip said which was : working class children feel happier and more comfortable going to their local university and living at home with their parents. CRAP