Thursday, 7 January 2010

who is sticking the knife into whom?

a reader writes

Salter has attempted to grab kudos over the latest failed coup - releasing the text message of reprimand that he sent to Hoon and Hewitt.
He said that it ill behoved an ex Chief Whip (Hoon) to behave in such a dastardly manner and as for Hewitt, he couldn't see why she was sticking her oar in as she was making a lot of dosh from external jobs (BT) and was standing down anyway.
He ensured that his text message was the first read out by Newsnight.
Of course Gordon has made a total hash of everything - but I would have thought that the fates could have spared him the dubious pleasure of being 'protected' and patronised by the likes of Salter.



Anonymous said...

Any truth in the rumour[s] regarding Malcolm Powers and the situation in the South East?

Anonymous said...

Good result all round really - Brown weakened further (yes, I didn't think it was possible either), Labour MP's shown up as spineless - Minibrain especially - and Brown still resolutely at the helm of the SS Labourtanic as she steams towards the iceberg.
Terrific Stuff.

Anonymous said...

Rumours?..What Rumours...?Oh you mean those rumours..well Im not one to gossip,least of all in these difficult times,but I did hear[don't get me wrong Im not saying its true..well not completely anyway]that Malcolm Powers.....yes I know and they say he wants to stay in the job after the election..well there's nought as queer as folk as they used say up my end..well they used to and then all those P.C. fellows began complaining...