Tuesday, 12 January 2010

the unforgiven

I thought this post on the Scoop blog, following evidence given by the former MoD head John Day to the Chilcot inquiry on the Iraq war - you know, latest in the series, let's keep having inquiries intil we get the answer we want, namely that killing Muslims is just fine and dandy so long as it is brown-skin people who do it, and by the way let's throw acid over girls who go to school - was interesting. The "surge" policy of the then Bush administration turned things around further north in Iraq, better late than never, but in the British zone in the south there seems to have been a failure of will which led to accommodation with extremists and left the Basra population under attack from the Guardian readers' favourite chaps, the jihadists. Was the then government under Tony Blair and then Gordon Brown too much influenced by those lovely Guardian-reading fans of jihad? Hein? I think we should be told.


Anonymous said...

No they weren't. Blair was influenced by Bush and ultimately by the lovely lucre he would receive from the neocon American dinner speech circuit and Brown, having toed the party line before he became Leader, hasn't the gumption or backbone to admit he was wrong. I thought everyone knew that.

jane said...

if Tony Blair was so influenced why did he not do the same thing then, instead of wimping out?

Anonymous said...

One problem is that the Wilson (and Callaghan) Government was the last one to contain several ministers who experienced and understood war from the forces' standpoint.

Blair's Government was additionally undermined by the traitors in the BBC, Channel 4, Guardian and Independent, as well as the bean=counters in the Treasury.

dreamingspire said...

Jane, face it, he's a wimp. And behind him a British public that doesn't like aggression abroad but fights to the last ditch when our sceptred isle is threatened.
Do please get yourself up to date on yesterday's Campbell evidence at the inquiry and also with the Dutch report's findings of illegality.