Thursday, 28 January 2010

ambulance chasing again

Mr Salter informs us in his Westminster Diary that he had dinner with "Pakistani community leaders" and discussed there the murder of a young woman in Reading, who by her name may originate from that community, though myself I would not rush to make assumptions. He then tells us that he went to visit her family. First question: was she, and are her family, constituents in Reading West? I would love to be told that they are. Second question: (one of those Great Historical Questions To Which The Answer Is No) is it a good idea to go poking around in the grief of a family one of whose members has been murdered?

Mr Salter has form on this, having relentlessly pursued Liz Longhurst, a Reading East resident, when her daughter was murdered, in furtherance of his grubby political game in Reading Labour Party. So perhaps it's force of habit. See an ambulance, chase it, try for a headline. I notice that a man has been charged with the young woman's murder, and that he lives in the Newtown area of east Reading (and Reading East). Just thought I'd mention it.


Alex M said...

Hi Jane,

Unfortunately, Martin Salter didn't wander into East this time.

Asha lived with her parents at Margaret Close, in Reading West.

jane said...


Anonymous said...

It is the community custom to visit the bereaved to express condolences.

The murder of a young person of the community would be a natural subject of conversation; particularly as the young person now charged with the murder is also of the community. Both came/come from large local extended families.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the family (and the street) was bothered by lots of reporters from the TV and press. They had to call the police and put up notices to stop the reporters.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps anyone who feels that a family member may be murdered should wear a badge saying'In the eventuality that I am a relative of a murderee, I do not wish to be visited by Martin Salter'.