Sunday, 24 January 2010

sleep-deprived? oh yes!

Mr Salter says he has enjoyed his first week as a tragic individual lacking social skills who should get out more, and all the other things he has said about bloggers over the last five or six years. He also says, on his Telegraph blog (search for it yourselves, can't be bothered to link to it) that the "esteemed editor" of that publication has asked him to write the blog - he does not say whether moolah has been trousered, so perhaps it has - and has asked him to be amusing. The comments largely disagree. Here is a sample

I am not sleep deprived but you are a pillock and I claim my £10 from the Barclay Bros.

they have obviously got more money than sense allowing you to toss off in public.

"Sleep-deprived" (my hyphen) refers to whom, think you? It is a reference on the Telegraph blog site to those who Mr Salter says might damage his claimed enjoyment of his new career as a Telegraph columnist.

Iain Dale calls the Salter Telegraph blog "bigotry" and of course he is right.

Oh and we have not been told whether his office staff helped him with typing, email or in any other way in the production and dispatch of this blog. If they did then that is an abuse of office.

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