Saturday, 16 January 2010

it's pathological

this stalking in Reading East. A correspondent writes:

This afternoon (Friday 15th January) Martin Salter MP sent an e-mail to the Head of St John's CE (Aided) School, to congratulate her and her staff for their (undoubted) dedication in getting in to open the School during the recent bad weather. .. St John's School is in Orts Road, not in Reading West...

What on earth is going on? St John's School can have no possible interest in what Mr Salter thinks about anything at all, and Mr Salter can have no possible interest in what a church school outside his constituency, which is unlikely to have a single child from Reading West attending it given its location, is doing. So this is a mental disease. Can't be anything else. Be afraid. Anyone who sends an email must expect to have the existence of that email, or indeed its contents, made public at some point, and Mr Salter must know this, so he has a BIG problem. His friends should encourage him to seek help, or he could find that there is a warrant for his arrest.

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