Sunday, 10 January 2010

not just nasty but...

barely literate, of almost Howarthian proportions, and this from a Winchester educated man! I mean of course Nasty Naz Sarkar, Labour candidate for Reading West, who has posted the following on his (non-interactive) website.

Both Martin Salter MP and I are totally behind Gordon Brown Salter completely failed to express support for Gordon Brown in his media initiative on the subject and believe that Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt’s actions of the last few days are a total distraction.

In the lead up to the election Reading West residents tell me on the doorstep that the biggest issue facing them is the economy. There is a clear difference between how we and the Tories would deal with it.

The Tories measures apostrophe Naz, apostrophe, would deepen the recession and threaten the jobs hard working hyphen Naz, hyphen, people here in Reading. hard-working people what? not just barely literate but incomprehensible too

In particular I am concerned that they would impose harmful cuts on our schools here and possibly axe vital services such as a Sure Start centre or two. or two? how many does he think there are in the constituency? One, last time I looked I would call for them to make the same commitment that Labour has made not to axe and Sure Start centres in this constituency huh? not just a spell check but a barely literate child (who perhaps had attended a Sure Start centre) could correct this but doubt that such a commitment will be forthcoming.

There is no politician at a national level with more experience and ability to help us put in place measures that will tackle the recession and help hard working families through it then Gordon Brown then Gordon Brown what? Then Gordon Brown confessed to a three-way sex romp with Iris Robinson and her toy boy? . And this is why he has got my wholehearted support in the run up to the next election.

Below you can read Martin Salter’s response to Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt.

no do spare us, there might be people in Ulan Bator who have not heard it yet

I don't usually mock the illiterate, but considering the money that has been lavished on this man's educashun and the undoubted fact that he has not had the judgment to get his text checked before publication (or not let Mr Howarth anywhere near it) I am left with no choice. Every time he puts one of these things out Labour lose another 100 votes.


Mr London Street said...

Maybe he really is only interested in "hard working" people e.g. bouncers.

Jonny said...

He does know pi to a couple of hundred places

Anonymous said...

Having had the pleasure of 'Toffee-Naz' on the doorstep, I can assure you he's still losing less votes by this method of communication than he does in face to face encounters.

howard thomas said...

They have a saying in certain parts of Tilehurst "that you can cure pork , but you can't educate it!"
Naz is living proof that throwing money at something will not always achieve the result that you want.
........And he is involved somehow in teaching.........those poor children,what chance do they have?