Sunday, 10 January 2010

eagle eyed?

those reading the previous post who are well connected (hem hem) may notice that Rhona Brown is someone who, bizarrely, signs emails which apparently emanate from the parliamentary office of Mr Salter, seemingly because he thinks emails are anti-democratic and therefore will not put his name to them. She declares no other source of income and therefore presumably gets a salary from Mr Salter.

the second one, whose entry is similar, has the same name as a total cow called Liz Shannon, with short hair and a very odd fringe, who used to work (maybe still does) for the PLP, and who was no good as a political officer because she believed whatever the last person told her.

the third one appears to be the same person as the Sadie Smith of the late lamented Sadie's Tavern blog, well written and widely read, still linked to on the right of this page though it is no longer active, who described herself on that blog as working for an MP but was always too professional to say which one or to bring her paid job and her writing together. She stopped writing her blog after apparently having some health problems of quite a serious nature, and not generally being very happy with the state of things in her life. These things are commensurate with what often happens to people who are bullied. I REALLY hope nothing of that sort happened to Sadie Smith, but I have seen it happen several times to people, most of them women, who have been associated politically or professionally with Mr Salter. Also, Mr Salter has a stated public position (stated on BBC radio and elsewhere) that blog writing is to be condemned as an anti-democratic practice, which I heard him say in a voice shaking with rage. The groups Ms Smith does or has done work for, as listed in the register, are mostly connected with work against anti-Semitism, a cause (Jew-hating not work against it) Mr Salter has publicly supported, putting his name to a leaflet distributed in his favourite constituency, Reading East, which called for the destruction of the state of Israel.

So - well, let's hope none of these things are connected. Hein?

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