Saturday, 30 January 2010


for those following the live coverage of the latest evidence being given to the Chilcot inquiry (of whom I am not one, having my work to go to in the daytime) I recommend, to protect them from overwhelming waves of nausea induced by the Guardian-reading dictatorship-loving commentariat, this comment series, which even though it is in that LibDem front organisation the Independent, is a good read.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone else spot the non sequitur in Tony Blair's argument. He said "Everything changed after 9/11". Why? Iraq was not involved in the 9/11 attack and the attack was not done with nuclear, biological or chemical weapons.

dreamingspire said...

The change was that we learned that mass deaths from a terror attack could come to the USA. So we decided to swat somebody - a non sequitor, unless you believe the Iraq war was a valid gesture.
In past times, wouldn't we (or the USA) simply organise an assassination?