Monday, 18 January 2010

here's a job for you!

according to the Tory Politico blog, which uses the piece as a reason to say that the Gordon Brown government has no credibility left, as many as 12 Parliamentary Private Secretary jobs (a PPS is an unpaid ministerial aide) remain unfilled, and it lists them. Now Mr Salter has previously served in this role, briefly in 2005, and was sacked from it for facing both ways at once. He also has form on begging for such a job, having written a hilarious letter to the then Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Mandelson asking to be his PPS, marvellously including the phrase "This is the big one". So get your application in, Martin, there might just be a job for you before the curtain falls.

Oh and thanks to those who commented on my post "it's pathological" about Mr Salter's bizarre behaviour in writing to schools in Reading East. None of your comments have been allowed, because I don't publish hate speech or pornography. But you'd think elected councillors would exercise a little more judgment. It is possible to identify where comments originate, you know.

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