Thursday, 21 January 2010

welcome to daily blogging!

another blogpost from Mr Salter! Has he learned to type? Is he getting paid for it? does he write it by hand and give it to his office staff to type and send as I used to see him do? if so how does he justify using taxpayer-funded staff to do work which is part of his moonlighting second job as a Telegraph columnist? and why did he choose the Telegraph? thinking that Labour Party members wouldn't see it? au contraire, Messrs Salter and Howarth have always favoured the Telegraph for the stories they like to plant, which they can then brief to His Master's Voice. anyway, unlike anything the boys put out in Reading, the Telegraph blog is interactive, and not all the comments are kind. One of them says he knows Mr Salter "has not been at the expenses trough". Well we know he has done worse than that, he claimed totally fraudulently something over 40K between 1997 and 2001 for a non-existent London property. But I become churlish I fear. Welcome to blogging, Mr Salter. Have fun with it. I know I do. Glad to see that you have changed your previously expressed view of blogging, which was, as Cllr Willis reminds us, that bloggers are "tragic individuals who should get out more". To say nothing of fulminating on Radio 4 that blogging was "anti-democratic". It's a big politician who can change his mind and not try to hide the fact. Well done.

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Anonymous said...

"After all, many of them have made a nice killing, seeing their share prices rise from 554p in July to the 840p paid this week by Kraft."
Does he honestly think that lots of us bought in at the low price and will now sell at the high?
I bought Cadbury shares years ago and the price has fluctuated between 350 and 1050.
That's what holding shares is all about Martin, a gamble.
(and the 840p is offered not paid)