Wednesday, 27 January 2010

and this is what they said

in a comment on my post which reproduced an email from a correspondent indicating that Mr Salter did not turn up to the Holocaust memorial event in Reading he blogged on the Telegraph site he was attending:

Funny that he seems to be in the Post's photo then! Check your facts, girlie, like a Proper Journalist should.

I have responded in the comments, but I thought I would give readers the opportunity to see this. If it means nothing else, it means that the boys and those who act as their sock puppets either believe or pretend to believe that appearing in His Master's Voice having had your picture taken is the same thing as attending an event.


martinsnottheone said...

It must be true, I read it on his website.

And there is really a father xmas, Salter told me so it must be true.

Anonymous said...

Hey sonny, yeah you commenter, when you've finished your politics degree at Reading University and lived a little you might understand something about life. Just because someone is in a picture doesn't mean they went to a meeting, some nasty people just go to the photo and then go home again without going to the meeting. There, I hope that's helped. Now get back to your first year coursework before you go out to the Union to have your 'Yard of ale' drinking competition.

Anonymous said...

Philosophers must be pleased. The Cartesian riddle solved. I'm in the Evening Post therefore I am.

Anonymous said...

The Reading Post has 2 photographs:
(1) With MS on Monday at the Anne Frank Exhibition in the Broad Street Mall
(2) Without MS on Sunday at the HMD event in the Council Chamber.

Fortunately there was no boycott of the latter, unlike last year.

pedant. said...

Blogging is not the same as journalism. As far as I am aware, Jane is a blogger and not a journalist - and, in any case, is paid for neither.

jane said...

pedant you are correct, I am a blogger and not a journalist, I do not get paid to write this blog (though a few quid very occasionally comes my way when there is advertising on it) and anything I were paid to write would not be my own blog.