Sunday, 3 January 2010

a much photographed man

a reader informs me of this site - I had not seen it myself as there may be people who are less keen on Jane Austen than I am but I have not met them yet. However, I don't know, caption competition or what?


Anonymous said...

Not as good as the Oscar Wilde lookalike pics of Salter though - Horrible thought - maybe Martin is a reincarnation .

David Akroyd said...

Not keen on Jane Austen? She was a wonderful writer. Her novels brilliantly hold in tension 18th century Aristocratic social conformity with romantic ideals of emotional self-expression & revolt.

Therefore Jane Austen could be said to be influenced by the romantic revival without being intoxicated by it like Byron?

As well as dealing with heavy themes she was a marvellous satirist & humourist. Read her hilarious send-up of the fashionable Gothic horror in Northanger Abbey

As for Mr Salter's donning of Regency garb, to paraphrase the famous first sentence of Pride and Prejudice: It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Bisexual careerist in possession of no principles was in want of the Reading West seat.

Take or leave the politics, but proper regard for Jane Austen.

Anonymous said...

If we are talking about photographs, there is a very tasty one of N Sarkozy in today's Times.

Wouldn't have said no to a piece of that!

jane said...

David Akroyd, no, have never managed to be convinced by MIss Jane, not sure why

Anonymous, yes, me too, some of us girls were remarking over dinner last night on that very subject