Wednesday, 14 October 2009

who's that girl?

Nasty Naz posted the picture below on his non-interactive "blog", about his visit to the Alan Place, Reading, residents' association shindig. He names Cllr John Ennis, who is (a) on the right in the picture and (b) Salter's lackey with no discernible integrity, and otherwise only refers to himself (I believe it is he, second from left) and "residents". However, I feel I must point out to Nasty that on the left of the picture is Alan Place resident (last time I looked), former Labour councillor and possibly the best Labour mayor Reading has ever had, apart from David Geary of course, Rose Williams. Why didn't you mention her, Nasty? Huh? Oh, of course, she is only a GIRL.

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Jonny said...

I'll always remember Rose at her mayor-making: "I'm not very good at speeches, so I thought I'd have a chat with you"