Thursday, 8 October 2009

Reading West - ah I see

Nasty Naz has updated his website for the first time in weeks, on which I congratulate him, and I also congratulate him, as I have done before, on featuring on the front page a photograph of Reading West, unlike Mr Salter, who of course features Reading East, his favourite constituency. However, Nasty informs us that the Bath Road reservoir site was refused planning permission "on clear planning grounds" (oh yeah?) and that he had "worked closely" (doing what?) with those campaigning against the application, and with Martin Salter, who spoke at the meeting. Martin Salter it was of course who put his name to the inclusion of the site for housing in the Borough Plan for Reading in the 1990s when he was deputy leader of the then Labour council. Mention that did he? Thought not. No, he tells us (in a post on his site put up today, after the meeting and the result, called "Decision Time for Bath Road Reservoir Site") that he has been campaigning against development on that site since 1996. Utter bollocks. Bad faith. Mauvaise foi. Crap. Won't do. Not even the careful little weasel words he hoped no-one would notice, that development was not bad in itself, over-intensive development was. Well, the residents who didn't want the development have noticed, and unless Nasty Naz distances himself from this hypocrisy sharpish the political fallout will be on him. Oh dear.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, I see he's already stepped into line and has no facility for any comments or interactivity on his site. It's also a bit sparse - none of the items have dates on them. Has he really only done two things since his selection over three months ago?