Friday, 16 October 2009

oh no, John, no John, no

here is a picture of Labour candidate for Reading East Anneliese Dodds in (probably) Church ward, Reading, with Labour candidate for that ward Malcolm Powers. Unfortunately however the picture as it appears on the Dodds website is tagged "Northumberland Road shops". "Avenue", Anneliese and Malcolm, "Northumberland Avenue". Sigh. this is not how to get people to vote for you, boy and girl.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they were looking for a Hotel on it, a fine couple they make!

Anonymous said...

Never mind that - it's the idea of an "ASBO Delivery Expert" followed by an "ASBO Action Team" that I find depressing.

dreamingspire said...

They don't look at all happy, or even middling smartly dressed.

Anonymous said...

They make a rather grim looking couple don't they?Perhaps theknow something we don't.

Anonymous said...

pretty sure that they are in Whitley Ward - as Northumberland is the border?

Isnt that Reading West?

Anonymous said...

Yes its definately the Reading West side of Northumberland Avenue - Whitley Ward.

But many current labour politicians seem to be geographically challenged!

And how anyone can claim Anti-Social behaviour has decreased since labour have been in power has not actually walked around in Reading. Try walking through Friar Street tonight!

And before anyone quotes figures - you know what they say about statistics..

Anonymous said...

They do look a bit glum.

Have they just been in Corals and seen the odds against a Labour win in the election ?

David Akroyd said...

The piece in question is about helping victims of anti-social behaviour.

Recently Council bosses & the Post have been lamenting the fact that Reading town centre on a weekend night now resembles a circle of Dante's inferno.

No mention of this being a result of Council policy since the 1990s, cheered on by the Evening Post, of turning the town centre over to yob culture in the form of countless new pubs & clubs.

Rather like an arsonist running from the crime shouting "fire".

Anonymous said...

This story relates to this:

So it is Reading Labour spinning a Government report that puts Reading as one of the 16 worst spots in the country for anti-social behaviour.

Some triumph, Labour!

And yes, those shops are in Whitley Ward - i.e. Reading West.