Thursday, 15 October 2009

the shipyard boys

I have family in Barrow in Furness, where my grandmother was from, and until she died in 2002 I used to go there about once a year. Most of the time the constituency of Barrow and Furness has had a Labour MP, and in recent years it has been John Hutton, who is frankly unimpressive, but he is standing down so that is another story, which certainly will be told. Former West Lancashire MP ColinPickthall has drawn attention to apparent fixing of the selection process for the next Labour candidate in favour of somebody called Woodcock. Colin ought to know. He was in Labour politics in the north-west, close to Barrow, for a long time. I think Colin is a good man and a man of integrity. So obviously he had to be got rid of. Here is what Alex Hilton had to say on the subject.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Colin Pickthall is a good man - and someone genuinely 'without side' at Westminster.
Hutton - well, that's another story - and one that I doubt will ever surface. His secrets are safe because he stood down without dissing the PM.

Woodcock - well, of course it is corrupt and totally reprehensible - but hardly new. Look at the 'imposition' of Oona King and Yvette Cooper, before even coming on to the attempt at imposition of Georgia Gould. However, there is a very unsavoury and murky back story on Theresa Pierce, the eventual nominee for that seat - that The Daily Express has some 'interest' in, or did - shall we say.

However, although he is quite correct to point out irregularities in the Barrow selection, don't lets go away thinking that Alex Hilton is a saint on a little pink cloud, peacefully strumming a harp.

The man is a spiteful and despicable shit who puts muck on the internet about people he has never met and about whom he has just absorbed the 'line' of the very Party machine that he is decrying here. Also he used to write for The Guardian - need I say more?

So my message is: sort out the mess in Barrow - but pour loads of ordure over the wretched Hilton and hope he drowns it it. Saves shoving him in a bag like a cat and tipping him into the Thames.

jane said...

Hilton by no means a saint - it was just convenient to let him do the cut and paste job

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - care to elaborate on Hutton?

Anonymous said...

Good use for him - come to think of it,he might be a better painter and decorator than journalist!

Anonymous said...

Its the old story - 'cherchez la femme'
Quite a lot of femmes.