Wednesday, 14 October 2009


I only quote what Mr Salter is alleged to have said on the BBC (so it must be true):

Martin Salter, a Labour backbencher, said there was "a lot of anxiety and anger" in the House of Commons, with some MPs considering legal action.
He told the BBC's World At One: "I think there are some MPs who will feel very aggrieved at having the rules reinterpreted five years down the line, who may mount a legal challenge. Any attempt to apply a retrospective value judgment is undoubtedly going to be subject to challenge.

Might he be worried about retrospective "value judgments" given his own fraudulent claims for four years from 1997 to 2001- what might happen if the "value judgments" went that far back and they wanted their 40K plus back?

Still waiting for my own letter from Sir Thomas Legg - my not being resident in the UK might add a day or two on to the delivery time - but I know of at least one former MP who left the House in 2005 as I did and who lives in the UK who is still waiting too. And both of us claimed Additional Costs Allowance. For a London home. Which we actually had.

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Anonymous said...

Says it all that whilst the courts are trying to suppress publicity about what is happening in Parliament to protect a company which has been dumping waste in Cote D'Ivoire St Salter is running around shouting in the media about MPs expenses, says it all about where his priorities are, Martin Salter, Martin Salter, Martin Salter.....(ad nausea)