Friday, 9 October 2009

Reading West - oh yes

Mr Salter tells us, as I reminded readers inthe previous post, that he has been campaigning against development on the Bath Road reservoir site since 1996. Maybe. Good to see him change his tune from "always" to "since 1996". Though I don't remember him campaigning on this site in 1996. He stood down from the council that year, ahead of a corruption scandal. Between 1992, after the Cross Town Route public inquiry, and 1996, he was one of a small group of politically motivated men (and one woman, yours truly), who worked on the Borough Plan, to ensure that its political direction was correct. This was done under the direction of Dictatorship Dave Sutton. Salter was not only responsible for the allocation of the site for housing, as deputy leader of the council, but was actively involved and hands on in the specifics of allocation of sites for housing. So was I, and I had and have no difficulty with housing development on that site.

Both ways at once.

Bad faith.


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Anonymous said...

Shame Salter et al's work will result not in much needed housing for the site but an unsuitable low density development. It will be the worst of all Worlds. The site will be developed so the locals will be unhappy and it will be full of low density village typoe housing unsuitable for such an urban location. Another folly from Salter, following not leading. Yet was irt ever thus.