Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Norman Edwards

Rest in peace. Norman Edwards was a good man and a brave one. HMV has a report here, make of it what you will. When I was campaigning as the Labour candidate for Reading East in 1997 Norman had just taken early retirement and he single-handedly ran my campaign office for six weeks. I will never forget his kindness and commitment to the cause. He was a brave man too - there was a vile personal campaign against him by a bunch of so-called peace-n-love hippies in Newtown when he was a Park ward councillor, against a bridge over the Kennet that they said would bring poor working-class people into their area who would drop crisp packets into their vegetarian gardens. Norman faced them down. No crowd-pleasing duplicity for him, unlike several other Park ward Labour councillors we have known.


Anonymous said...

He sounds like a nice chap. Before my time in Reading, however.

Interesting that you mention "peace and love" hippies in Newtown and right next to the article is a piece entitled "Rob White for Park".

Park Ward voter.

Alison said...

I had the pleasure of working with Norman at the Amnesty Bookshop on Wokingham Road for several years and he was a lovely man with an excellent sense of humour.

Rest in peace Norman.

Augustus Carp said...

Yes, sad news indeed. He was a very good County Councillor (and a Liberal at that!) before the balkanisation of Berkshire. He strived to keep on friendly terms with us after he crossed over to the Dark Side, and was always more interested in ideas rather than parochialism. He was a stalwart supporter of the old Marquis of Granby at Cemetery Junction in the days when it was a proper pub, and he gave many an unofficial "tutorial" to his many friends there.

jane said...

Rob White is a good man and would never get involved in that kind of personal slagging - he is the best candidate for Park and that is why I support him.