Sunday, 25 October 2009

did he go to Cornwall?

rather than the "night-time economy" of Reading? I ask because Basher McKenzie's post, which you can read here (it is not for those who are easily upset by bad grammar and spelling) is titled "street pasty". (If you want a laugh, note that the Silly Boys' website says this: showing Labour's continued commitment to cutting child and pensioner poverty, even in these straightened times" - were the times crooked before then? "Straitened", boys, "straitened")
Huh? Now I know something about the life of central Reading after dark, because (a) I used to take part in some of it from time to time when I lived there and (b) for six years I lived on Minster Street in central Reading. Basher's post seems to indicate that he and the other street pastors (whom he calls "my team", the impertinence) were there to learn how the night-time economy works in central Reading. And there was me thinking they ought to know that already or they are not safe to be let out, and they ought to be there to help. I wish the initiative well, and I hope they find a way to stop it being hijacked for an election stunt, and that Basher, who is free with his fists both at home and when he is out, doesn't punch anybody - though there is a history of Park ward candidates getting punched, hmmm, though usually it is Labour's hired thugs doing the punching. Ah, I see, that is why they kicked out bog-brush-head Merriott as their candidate, not as I thought because she had outstayed her usefulness, but because she is not known for violent behaviour and they wanted someone who is. If Basher knocks your door, don't invite him in. It isn't safe.


Mr London Street said...

If he only saw one fight on Friar Street that of itself probably classes as a minor miracle.

howard thomas said...

To be quite honest,I'm not sure that Mr McKenzie is wired up properly.

Hopefully we shall see Cllr White after the next election and with Basher as the Labour candidate I think his chances have just got better!

Nowtas said...

“”It was heaving here and I think we got in the way a bit, especially when people started asking for lollipops. We will have to find a way of dealing with this.” Like getting out of the way – just not giving out freebies by the doors in busy clubs and pubs?

His blog entry for the 18th of October links to the news story which described him as the “Crescent Road lollipop man” before moving onto quotes from “Reading’s Politicians” and a “Parliamentary hopeful”. Made me smile, but it seemed a bit odd not to mention his hopes for next year.

Anonymous said...

'Night time economy' huh?
When politicians start researching the night time economy, it is usually in the manner of Lords Lambton and Jellicoe.