Friday, 16 October 2009

but the fraudster's friend is nowhere to be seen

a fab little story emerges that Reading Buses, the council-owned company which bought a bunch of hugely expensive buses it said were worth having because they ran on sustainable biofuel from the UK, has been conned, and sold buses which run on, er, some other fuel, imported from Sweden. As various commentators are saying, this does not reflect well on the Labour Group, which is known for having over-cosy relations with certain commercial entities and has been for a long time. Back when the bus company was chaired by Cllr T. Page (Lab, Reading East 2005, failed), there was much trumpeting, usually from Cllr Page in the Reading Evening Post, about the all-round stonking sustainable fabness of said company. Cllr Page no longer chairs the company's board, but it is still he from whom we hear. The company's board is currently chaired by - ta-da! Stuart Singleton-White, the fraudster's friend! Pictured left reminiscing about his days in the Navy trashing Argies for Her Majesty. Stuart, where are you? Stuart, Stuart, come back and talk to us! We won't ask you why you said voting fraud in Redlands ward was OK! We won't ask how you knew exactly how much fraud there was! Promise! Talk buses to us Chalky!


Anonymous said...

Don't think much of the décor in his living room. Can't the Missus' allowances run to something better?

Jonathan said...

I'm sure all will be revealed in his new year's speech from the balcony in Great Knollys Street

howard thomas said...

Cost of converting these buses to diesel----currently unknown

Cost of removing the egg from the faces of the councillors at RBC----priceless!

How could anyone be so stupid?

Anonymous said...

Fess up. Was this picture taken at Antiques Roadshow? Don't think his stash will be worth much? Wadya reckon?

Anonymous said...

Question is now, will Reading Buses be better off under their new Chairman? After all, he neither sought or expected the role, but it may well put him more in touch with us morons. At least he will still gain the benefit of the advice of the outgoing Chairman! So is he saying he can't do the job and needs help?

From undated but appeared on 24/9/10.

Reading Transport appoints a new chairman.

The Board of Reading Transport Ltd last night appointed David Sutton as its new Chairman.

He succeeds Stuart Singleton-White who chaired the meeting for the last time. His appointment as a Director ends this month.

In a statement issued today, David Sutton said: “This is a position which I neither sought nor expected, but which will be an honour to hold.

“I will try to continue the work of my predecessors in building a bus company and a bus service of which Reading can be truly proud.

“I would like to pay a special tribute to the work which Stuart Singleton-White performed as Chair in a really progressive and consensual manner which I will seek to emulate.

“Fortunately for me, Stuart is a close personal friend and I will be able to draw regularly on his advice.”

Commenting on the appointment, Councillor Warren Swaine, also a Non-Executive Director of the Company, said today: “David Sutton’s appointment is welcomed and will ensure a smooth transition.

“He will lead the Board of Directors in a very support manner as the Company seeks to provide a bus service to the people who live, work and visit Reading.”