Thursday, 15 October 2009

now he needs a fraudster's friend

this from Mr Salter's website today:

Mr Salter said:-
“It was hardly surprising that Mr Legg found nothing untoward regarding my claims as I have never sought to bill the tax payer for a second home in London.

Oh yes he has.

Update 18th October: My attention has been drawn (thank you) to my own linguistic inexactitude and to the corresponding linguistic rigour displayed by Mr Salter. Indeed, his statements reproduced above is the unvarnished truth, and mine is a calumny. In fact of course he never has sought to bill the tax payer for a second home in London, because as he rightly says he has never had such a home. No, the 40K+ that the taxpayer did fork out paid not for a London home but for Mr Salter's fishing holidays and general lifestyle, not least the deposit on his large house in Tilehurst.

For four years, until in 2001 MPs were required to produce rental or mortgage agreements, which he could not do as he had been claiming for a property in London which did not exist. This is fraud. It is criminal. I watched him fill in the claim forms. I showed him how to fill them in at the beginning. More than 40K over those four years.

Criminal fraudster scumbag.

And rubbish politician. If he had kept quiet and not gone all over the media shouting about expenses no-one would have noticed the fraud. Even if he gets away with it because nobody can be bothered to subpoena the House of Commons' payroll records from 1997-2001 for Mr Salter, by his own venality he has helped to show up the Labour Party as a haven for fraudsters. Which outside Reading mostly it is not. Well done Mr Salter.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Reading is fairly typical.

Anonymous said...

I feel there is one "fraudster's friend" who may be a bit busy uncovering a deception for a while: All this whilst joining with several others in a blame avoidance game for wasting huge amount of public money that some said would happen at the time. See also about the lie told about the waste these buses caused.

dreamingspire said...

If you assisted him with the forms, are you not an accessory to his actions?

Anonymous said...

Why would he ask you to assist him in the first place? And why did you agree? Or did you volunteer? And if you did why did you?

Watchman said...

Isn't Salter a director of Public Impact?

Anonymous said...

Unsurprisingly this post has died a death.