Thursday, 22 October 2009

a racist party

has been given a platform for its spokesperson to be heard in London. Disgraceful, you might say. I would not. Free speech is an important issue. Oh, and the BNP are to be represented by Nick Griffin on the BBC's programme for smug people, Question Time, tonight. There is to be a demonstration led by Ken Livingstone and Peter Hain. Ken it was who gave the racist party its platform (Hamas, if you needed to ask). Oh dear.


Scott Garrett said...

I'm not a racist. I'm not a bigot. And I am not telling you which way I will vote at the next election. But I can tell you that I'm with Voltaire on the subject of free speech: "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it". The demonstration outside the BBC last night was as much allowable under the principles of free speech and democracy as the views of the panelists inside the building. It is hypocritical to suggest otherwise: no serious democracy can suppress comment from one quarter only to allow it from an opposing quarter. I'd go further, to suggest that if the BNP experience a surge in support as a result of last night's broadcast, then that too is democracy. If you don;t like it, people, then get off your backsides and vote against it. I certainly will (oops; I let that slip out).

Anonymous said...

David Dimbleby announced that Reading will be host to Question Time in two weeks time.

Anonymous said...

Actually the demonstration outside the BBC was uglier what went on inside; 3 injured policemen so the violent thugs of the UAF could have an awayday.
If the UAF wish to attack the BNP via the ballot box that's fine - but that kind of behaviour will win them no friends.

howard thomas said...

Scott---You are so right

The reason why the BNP are doing so well is so simple-----the big 3 parties have no proper immigration policies that include NUMBERS.
Tough talk is all it is , action is what is needed, action that limits immigration into the UK to manageable numbers.
The second reason is the fact that we have had no vote on Europe , despite being promised one by all 3 main parties.
Cameron's game of offering a vote provided he makes PM before the Lisbon treaty is fully ratified was always bullshit , and his policy of "we won't let it rest there" is just more bullshit.
It is not beyond the realms of possibility that UKIP will nick enough votes in the marginals to deny DC a majority.
If nothing else that would be interesting

Anonymous said...

The BNP has stirred up debate out of all proportion to its numbers or electoral success, and in the teeth of the most relentless campaign of denigration from the mass(ed) media and political establishment I can recall in my longish lifetime.

Of course Griffin & Co must be hitting a nerve, as are UKIP and pressure groups such as MigrationWatch UK. Either what the BNP calls the LibLabCon gets with the programme or the voters will reject the lot of them-- God knows there are enough reasons to be dissatisfied with the competence and honesty of 'mainstream' party politicians by now!

What's also striking is how little mileage the old rebels and splinters of the Left (except, maybe, the Greens) have got out of the ongoing crisis and slump. On Thursday they put less than 1,000 rentamobsters on the streets outside the Television Centre, in the heart of multiculti London and after working/studying hours.

It's not just the extra-parliamentary opposition to uncontrolled immigration that is making the weather-- it's the old socialist Left that's lost the plot.

Much of the BNP's policy is like that of a 'Fortress Britain', dirigiste and paternalist Labour government of days past, and may win a lot of votes from working class people who dislike NuLab, especially if Griffin continues to play up the patriotism and fade down the Nazi nostalgia.

The leaked membership lists show that the BNP is beginning to attract bourgeois intelligentsia and businessmen, 'men of respect': the catalyst for turning a protest groupuscule into a serious force in electoral politics. He has already come a lot further than Mosley and the BUF did in the 1930s.