Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Mr Salter made a speech, and a number of interventions too, unusually for him, in the House yesterday, on the Marine and Coastal Access Bill. He had the good sense to listen to the warnings he has received and not to do his Griffinesque rant about "east Europeans" who fish inappropriately. The debate ended at ten last night, and Mr Salter's speech was made not that long before that time - but when the vote was taken he wasn't there . Huh?


Jonny said...

Ah, but the nasty East European piscophagic terrorists fish in fresh water, so that's all right then

Anonymous said...


Elizabeth Truss, Tory candidate selected on Saturday faces a re-run this weekend because she omitted to mention an eighteen month affair with a Tory MP at her original selection conference.

Liz had better hope that the bag n'hat brigade chuck her out - an easier death than being clawed to death by the cross party alliance of Westminster women who fancy Field!

Poucher said...

I expect that Liz Truss will not be un-trussed, so to speak by the hatter and baggers.
They tried and failed with the estimable Anne Mac and also the excellent Eleanor Laing.

I don't feel quite so sanguine about Julie Kirk whatsit though. She is a snobby old bootcamp and all power to the Julie Must Go campaign.
Saying 'Hello' in the morning doesn't cost you money, Julie.

Meanwhile, on the trussing level. Has anyone thought about untrussing Mark Field?

( That's enough - go and cool down - ED )

Anonymous said...

This may or may not be related to the above - but anyway.

In today's Observer magazine, Speech Debelle who won a Mercury award was interviewed about her meeting with Gordon Brown at NO 10

She said that he smelled very nice and had very soft hands.
Seem to remember Jane commenting about his smell too. Could it be Gordon's unique electoral selling point?

Anonymous said...

Exactly what is this smell?

Anonymous said...

Over to Jane.
She has commented on it.

Anonymous said...

Forget the aroma of Gordon - if possible.
Tonight is the night for the untrussing of Elizabeth by the burghers of Norfolk.

My bet is that she will remain trussed up.

Anonymous said...

And indeed, trussed she remains.
However, there were about 30 abstentions and let no-one underestimate the redoubtable Turnip Taliban.
Expect one to oppose LT at the Election.
Three cheers too for Sue Catling.
On Newsnight tonight and in fine form, despite being abused/de-selected by the Calder Valley Tories who replaced her in 2005 with -- LIZ TRUSS at the time that Liz was untrussing Mark Field!
Good on you Sue - revenge is a dish best eaten refrigerated.