Thursday, 22 October 2009

basher on the street

here is Basher McKenzie telling us he likes living in Park ward. Er, jolly good. And that qualifies him to be a councillor for it precisely how? He doesn't tell us. He does tell us that he is a street pastor. This means going out into the streets and trying to be helpful. Sounds like quite a good thing to do actually. But why do politicians have to be pictured, especially if they are (a) not Christians or churchgoers (step forward Bet Tickner and Gul Khan) and (b) candidates for election? If I were the organisation behind the street pastors I would take a dim view of being hijacked for an election in this way. And why do you think Park activist Rob White was not invited to the launch of the initiative, hein? Anyway, Basher also tells us that he has been kayaking, and that he likes it. I hope he hasn't told Mr Salter, who has sworn to destroy canoeists and all their works. Split alert!

btw, the Reading East MP has set up an award for Lollipop Person of the Year, or something like that. I wonder if Basher has been nominated?

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Anonymous said...

Call me a linguistic pedant, but I strongly object to the word 'pastor' being used in connection with party political roving surgeries.
And no, I'm not 'religious' either.
I just object to hypocrisy.
If your policies aren't good enough, don't try to clothe yourself in the cloth - of any religious denomination.