Thursday, 1 October 2009

vote today!

if you are a member of the Parti Socialiste that is. There is a renewal plan for the party under Martine Aubry (of whom I am a big fan) , whose main points are these:
"primaires" - primaries for candidates. Yes to that.
"non-cumul" - elected representatives to hold only one mandate. It is normal in France for deputies to parliament to be mayors, for ministers to be regional councillors, and so on. Yes to stopping that.
"parite" - equality measures to try to do something about the male domination of the politics of the left. Despite the fact that the Parti Socialiste and the Communists both have female leaders, Sarkozy's cabinet looks, and is, a lot more diverse than the other parties. This won't do. So yes to that.
We are voting in our branches today, as above. We are also voting on who should head the list for the regional elections, due next March. Apparently the line for this region is Jacques Bigot. He's a white bloke in a suit. I also discover to my dismay that foreigners like me are not eligible to vote in the regionals, though we can in the municipals. Chiz.


Jonny said...

I won't make any cheap joke about M. Bigot's name

Anonymous said...

M. Bigot??

dreamingspire said...

"dismay"? 'chagrin', perhaps? But is it proper to feel shamed when in another country?

Anonymous said...

A foreigner ?
I thought we were tous europeens maintenant ?