Saturday, 13 June 2009

Was is Salter's bitch

this piece by Katesgrove councillor Warren Swaine (whose predecessor was Dictatorship Dave Sutton, who thought his constituents were "moronic", hah!) indicates that Mr Salter turned up at the Katesgrove Children's Centre extension opening today (it's in Reading East so of course he had to be there) and informed Mr Swaine that he Mr Salter had personally set up the centre, so Mr Swaine does an Evening Post and dutifully copies out this statement on his blog. Hmmm. Mr Swaine also informs us that the constituency MP was not there. I have intelligence that he was not invited. But let that not stand in the way of the facts. (voice of significant other from another room - "LibDems lying duplicitous bastards, what else is new?")

Does this mean that Mr Salter was not at the Nasty Naz selection meeting today? I think we should be told.


Anonymous said...

Salterman was not at the selection meeting at calcot community centre. Rumour has he tried to persuade the party to let him stay on but they refused. He's pretty pissed off so tomorrow he's going to phone up the Eve Post and scream abuse at them to twist the tale to his liking. Will this man ever go away??

Was said...

Mr. Salter deserves a political kicking for his duplicitous shenanighans in Parliament, but I'm not in the game of slagging people off just for the sake of it. Perhaps that's where I'm going wrong?

I spoke to a lot of people involved with the Children's Centre over the years (a good number of them former Labour voters who tell me that they will never vote for them again) and they all were thanking him for his efforts.

I might not trust Salter's self-serving statements, but I have no reason to doubt theirs.

jane said...

No, my point was not about the Children's Centre - his role in setting that up is undisputed - but that he is looking back not forward. He spends his time in Reading East, where he used to be a councillor, and in his head has never stopped being a Park ward councillor, that is why he has been such a useless MP.

St Martin S, Reading said...

The title of this post is giving me some horrible mental images.