Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Kings Meadow Campaign

may, as this story in His Master's Voice says, have been given a ray of hope. I support the campaign to restore the baths and create a place for local people to go and enjoy themselves. Here is something that despite everything I never thought I would say - if you live in the borough of Reading and you vote Labour on Thursday you are giving a boost to the corrupt gang that wants to concrete over Kings Meadow. And always has. When Graeme Hoskin says the current controlling group, the Labour Group, wants to protect Kings Meadow, he is lying. It is as simple as that. People are voting in the European elections to make a comment about those who govern them. It should not be thus but it is. Personally I am voting Parti Socialiste here in France because I think that party will do a better job in Europe for France. But I do not think many UK voters are voting with that motivation. This is why UKIP is going to do rather well, despite the fact that they are a bunch of lunatics, and why the BNP will do quite well, electing at least one MEP (they will be grateful for the publicity Mr Salter has given them - being called Nazi thugs who are outside the mainstream is exactly what they want, it gives them the votes of the disaffected) - and the LibDems will do quite well too, taking the disaffected votes of those who think they are too nice to vote BNP.

Hey ho, hey ho, it's off to vote we go.

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