Saturday, 20 June 2009

bloggers and anonymity

The Night Jack case (in which a rather good blog being written bya serving policeofficer and which won the Orwell Prize was publicly identified) has caused some parts of the blogosphere to get on their moral high horses.I disagree. Bloggers are no more entitled to protection than anyone else is. Tough for him, he didnt want to be identified, but now he has been. Blog openly andtell the truth, then there is nothing to hide and you can sleep easy at night. Applies to MPs and everyone else too.


Anonymous said...

Your former MP colleagues seem to be quite keen on hiding themselves behind redacted expense claims.

As I recall they were quite keen to exempted from the FOI Act too.

I guess being outed is only for the small people.

howard thomas said...

Spot on !
If you have something to say, then far better to say it and put your own name on it ----rather some daft title or anonymous.
Show you have some balls!

Oranjepan said...

oh yeah? what has being open and being honest got to do with each other? Can you tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth... without boring everyone to death in the process?

Stick to relevance - surely what matters is what you have to say, not who you are. Any inconsistencies will be weeded out on the way.