Saturday, 13 June 2009

Nasty Naz it is then

congratulations etc etc

organised by Tony Page we hear

I had forgotten TP lived in Reading West - the constituency boundary goes down the middle of Castle Hill

well well

happy campaigning Naz

I do not think many of your erstwhile colleagues in Waltham Forest (a borough I have worked in and know something about) will be coming along to campaign for you from what they tell me

Con Gain Reading W



howard thomas said...

Good luck Naz---you,sure as hell , are going to need it!
Martin S, no doubt vacated the seat because he felt he would not hold it----so to parachute a guy in from miles away is a sure fire way to make sure that it will become a Tory gain.

Anonymous said...

So Labour have replaced the Staines mockney spiv with a genuine London carpetbagger. Con gain Reading West.

Anonymous said...

Labour really have lost the plot both locally and nationally. Naz was one of the worst candidates and they picked him! Absolutely no chance.