Friday, 12 June 2009

vote Moussavi!

yep, he da man to kick out loopy Ahmedinejad, as the Times correspondent notes here:. I hope readers agree that democracy is alive in Iran and that we should wish it health and vitality, and note the comments on the article, some of them from Iranians, saying the correspondent has it right.


Anonymous said...

What a shock. Contributors to the Times say that the Times are right. One can only hope that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad prevails. The fact that the poor in his country are infinitely better off under his leadership and he continually cocked a snook at the Bush regime makes him a top man in my book.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 13:19

Presumably the "poor" for whom your crocodile tears flow don't include any women, gays etc... ?

As for cocking a snook at Bush, presumably Old Bob Mugabe and Kim Jong-Il are top men in your colouring book too ?