Thursday, 11 June 2009

Beckett for Speaker

There, that's my colours nailed to the mast. I have been a big fan since the 1980s. She has got exactly what it takes. The Telegraph says however that it is going to be John Bercow, and that Mr Salter is "organising his campaign". We'll see. Maybe readers would like to vote on it - let's get the Reading West selection out of the way (anybody know the venue? I do hope it is going to be in the constituency) first.


Anonymous said...

Salter has shown himself to be a prize arse by picking the wrong bandwagon to jump on. His championing of Bercow when all the Labour muscle will go behind Beckett just shows what a stupid fool he is. Thanks mate for the good laugh.

Adrian Windisch said...

3 Labour speakers in a row? I think it will probably be a Tory as they see it as their turn. But Richard Taylor independent MP for Wyre Forest would be better. Or Adam Price MP Plaid Cymru .

Anonymous said...

Ann Widdecombe should get the job - she'd really sort them out and take no shit,unlike the useless and partisan Gorbals Mick,who's reward for abject failure is a place in the Lords.