Tuesday, 2 June 2009

oh yeah?

this from the vile Guardian:

Reading West's Martin Salter, who never claimed a second-home allowance – he commutes, like many of his constituents – had previously decided to stand down. Now supporters are urging him to change his mind.

He doesn't claim it now. But he did from 1997 to 2001. For a non-existent London property. Because you could then. Except that others didn't. Because it's fraudulent. Come on then "supporters" - let's hear it from you. Mr Howarth?

Let's think about this. The selection process in Reading West for Labour has already begun. A short list has been drawn up. The final hustings take place a week on Saturday. Potential candidates like Nasty Naz and Dangerous Denise have presumably put some effort into this. Can Mr Salter have that whole process called off just because he fancies it? Does he have to seek to insert himself on to the short list as the sitting MP (under the rules you can do this, although you need to have previously stated in writing your intention to stand)? Or what? Is Patsy Powers going to change the rules for him? Would Nasty Naz and Dangerous Denise sue? Huh. It's all bollocks.

But then it was in the Guardian.


Dusty in Bloom said...

Let him stand he'll get slaughtered

David Akroyd said...

Seen the Euro election edition of the Reading Banner?

Under the headline of "Clean Up our Politics" there are three pictures of Mr Salter in one double-sided A4 sheet alongside one of Labour's south east MEP!

This is despite, of course, Martin not even being a Euro MP or candidate as well as (as far as we know) quitting Westminster.

Some people have no sense of the ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Geeze girl, get a grip. It's only politics, like, it's not real life. Chill.

Did someone call for a taxi?

Anonymous said...

According to the Daily Telegraph Martin is a frugal commuter and therefore a saint.

Nowtas said...

Then the Reading Banner has written off what little chance they had left of enjoying Thursday. Another hopeless bit of "will this do?" nonsense from them - we didn't get copies down our road. My significant other and our housemate would have left a copy out to wind me up if we had received one.

"Now supporters are urging him to change his mind." I'm guessing two, three people at most there.

Anonymous said...

Anon 21.08 me thinks it is you who needs a taxi to lalaland. Where have you been all this time? No sense of having been trodden over and over and kicked and kicked by that rotten socialist lot???
Time for change and let the people decide..

Was said...

There a socialists in the Labour Party? Pull the other one.

Anonymous said...

Watching Labour collapse is a real joy to behold,such a pity that Blair is not still around to go down with the ship - enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Do you remember I told you that your friend Salterman would change his mind about standing down? This greedy and corrupy little wide-boy would stay on if he thought he could win the next election, I reckon he's going to do everything to reverse his decision! After all, he has the Muslim vote doesn't he, he's just given them a mosque (again!!)