Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Mebyon Kernow

is the Cornish nationalist party. I have Cornish family and go there often - you see the Cornish flag flying much more often now than you used to. anyway, they are standing in the county elections, which the UK quaintly has on Thursday (we in the real Europe vote of course on Sunday). They used to be in the pockets of the LibDems, but seemingly not any more. Hat-tip Tom Harris for this, which informs us that a Mebyon Kernow candidate is taking legal advice after he was called a "greasy-haired twat" by a LibDem candidate - in a leaflet yet! Excellent stuff. Who said elections were boring?

update: I have now seen a picture of the Mebyon Kernow bloke, presumably issued by the LibDems to show that their epithet was factual.


Anonymous said...

What can the Mebyon Kernow candidate do about this? Apart from change his shampoo?

Was said...

As a Cornishman myself... what ever happened to 'fair comment'?

Nowtas said...

I note, with no childish giggling whatsoever, that the leader of Mebyon Kernow is Mr Dick Cole.

I cannot imagine a greasy twat and Dick Cole working well together, but then I'm just terribly queer like that.

Mrs Morris said...

As I drove through Cornwall on Monday, I was once again bemused by the vast numbers of UKIP banners on display in houses, fields and cars. Don't these people get it? No Europe, no ESF, no Cornwall!