Saturday, 20 June 2009

a northern light

helpful pointers to Mr Salters published expenses are coming in thick and fast but not easy to link on my BlackBerry from Reykjavik, but yummy chocolate flavoured posting coming soon - I will go with the sourcee material not the comments ta


Anonymous said...

Good. I saw Salter yesterday and he looked like he could do with a new wardrobe. You know, designer suits, new shoes, a decent haircut.

The sort of thing that a libel action paying out thousands and thousands of pounds would cover nicely.

You remember, Jane? Like what happened the last time someone believed your lies and delusions.

Sixty grand wasn't it?

jane said...

excuse me, no-one has ever sued me for anything. They're welcome to try of course, but itis true that Salter claimed well over 40K over four years for a non-existent London property.

Impatient Observer said...

And it is also true that the wimpish media are in love with Salter and refuse to print any of these accusations about Salter.

Much in the same way that Rosie Winterton was protected some time ago - though not from allegations on this blog.