Friday, 26 June 2009

consistency on Kennet Meadows? I think not!

this report of Tuesday's council meeting in Reading by Rik Willis is at least believable. Note that Cllr Ruhemann has not denied having at one stage, several years ago, supported house building on the Kennet Meadows. I heard him and Mr Salter tell the media they did on more than one occasion. Cllr Ruhemann is not a liar, unlike Mr Salter (Iraq vote, anyone?) which is why he chose to attack blogs and their authors rather than answering the question.


Old Reading Labour said...

I remember a meeting of Reading Labour Party where, then Leader of the Council, David Sutton brought a plan showing the development of the Kennet Meadows. He had had long talks with Prudential about the matter before bringing it to the meeting to get the support of the Labour Party for the proposal. Martin Salter supported him at the meeting. It got the support. Then, not long after Salter spoke in support of the scheme with Ruhemann, on Meridian so it must be true. They must have changed their minds on it later.

Reading Labour Party has a history of this. First they opposed building a road on Kings Meadow, then they opposed and helped defeat it and now they support it again. Just show you can't trust Sutton or Salter.

Anonymous said...

The council meeting was noteworthy for the Tories backing the Islamists in their battle with the Muslim moderates. The Prevent agenda has been a battlefield between the CRE and the Islamists. The Government has produced hundreds of long documents on the subject, which includes meeting the current threats from Al Qaeda, so some will answer the question about reducing those threats. Muslims themselves are worried about the opinions and actions of a small minority of them in this country.
Note that the council did not appear to discuss any resolutions on Iran, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Somalia etc., although there are refugees from Reading from all those countries.

Anonymous said...

err Just Sutton or Salter??..can think of a few other names over the years! Also how do you cut off the head of the cancer. It is still spreading and damaging even though not apparent!