Saturday, 27 June 2009

Basher is back!

I'm not very good at this Twitter malarkey yet, but it will come, in the meantime:

Note that he says he is trying to decide which council seat to accept. Pitiful stuff really. "Select me or I'll punch your teeth down your throat"? He's done it before.

Lollipop man Richard McKenzie, who wants the taxpayer to pay his mortgage and living costs and the costs to the NHS of his violent activities, while he goes to a university now that he cannot find anyone to employ him. This going to happen?

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howard thomas said...

"which council seat to accept"------what is all that about?
Having lost his seat a couple of elections ago Richard Mac has done very little to 'earn' anything.
He managed to finish 5th in a Henley by election,losing the Labour party deposit in the process.Then he lost again in Kentwood where he made absolutely no effort to win, or indeed do anything!
What makes this man think that anyone wants him?
What a Plonker!