Friday, 26 June 2009


well, I had to get a Michael Jackson reference in somehow. And I didn't want to be as unkind as Guido's headline "Wacko Jacko Heart Attacko". And I was strangely impressed to see on TV this morning crowds of African-American people in New York paying their tribute by trying, and sometimes going a long way to succeeding, to dance like him.

here is a piece from Mr Salter's website about the stonking fabness of his activities on the "Select Committee on Reform of the House of Commons". He has been elected to this committee, he informs us. However, the parliamentary website lists no such committee. It lists Mr Salter as a member of the Home Affairs Select Committee. There is a Select Committee on Modernisation of the House of Commons, of which Mr Salter is not listed as a member. Perhaps he would care to explain this strange business to us - the phantom Select Committee which does not exist and does not meet (according to the calendar of meetings on the parliamentary website) but which none the less has done sterling work in persuading the Prime Minister to reform the Commons, at the instigation of Mr Salter. Or is this a gaffe by the overpaid Public Impact Ltd (prop. John Howarth, remember "Your Better Off With Labour")?

Oh and those who have seen fit to inform me that "the media" agree with Cllr Tony Page (see strapline) should remember that this blog is part of "the media" and that newspapers, like the almost-defunct Reading Evening Post, are a small and discredited part of "the media". However, the Reading Evening Post may well agree with Cllr Tony Page about all manner of things. I look forward to their articles on the subject.

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