Tuesday, 9 June 2009

the MP who doesn't vote

you guessed it, here is the Hansard from last night's Health Bill, but Mr Salter wasn't there. Was he mulling over the PLP from earlier in the evening? Was he even at the PLP earlier in the evening? I do not recall him as a regular attender.


St Martin S, Reading said...

If you'd watched the Channel 4 News last night, you would have seen me chatting in Central Lobby immediately afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Salter has been unusually silent these past days - very surprised he has not been out in front of the cameras in shock horror - what have they done voting for the BNP mode - like all the other so - called astute politicians,when anyone with an eyeful of intellect could see this coming months ago,but as usual they were all in denial - the one really positive thing is that now the underlying issues will have to be addressed.

howard thomas said...

Anonymous------exactly right about those "underlying issues"---those issues about 'open door' immigration policies that this current government has had for the last decade.
By refusing to talk about it the 3 main parties have left a massive void which the BNP are all too willing to fill.
Now that the BNP have had a major success the big 3 parties will have to do something about it to put them back in their box.