Thursday, 2 September 2010

a new low?

Gordon McMillan, posting at Harry's Place, says the coverage of what we might, or might not, call Myersgate or Haguegate, has reached a new low. He blames Guido for this, which I do not. Guido does what Guido does, because he can, and I think Iain Dale is wrong to be outraged (ahem) by Guido for apparently setting off the whole story, prompting Hague to issue a very personal statement,published in many places today, saying that he and Ffion are happily married and would like to have a family but have not been successful. Hague goes on to say that he has never had a relationship with a man. Well, OK, William, if you say so, quite frankly it is none of any of our business. What was a new low for me (I have not been watching much UK mainstream media lately as our satellite reception is v. poor most of the time) was this morning's report on Sky, which reproduced the statement pretty much in full, mentioning from time to time that it had no foundation - apparently - and concluding by saying that if anything did come out (ahem) in the future which substantiated the story then William Hague's political career would be over. Well, I imagine it would, because he would be seen to have lied - hein?

Shame on you Sky. If the story has no foundation then don't reproduce it. Shame.

I was talking though yesterday with a gay (male and Scottish) friend, who says that politicians should be outed, and without scruple. Hmmm.


Anonymous said...

There have been rumours about Hague for years - notably the classic and persistent one from the old Annie's Bar in the House, mentioning that Hague had been seen dressing up in female ballroom dress, plus elbow-length gloves and that this was spotted by an Officer of the Hosue and 'passed on' - to the usual suspects in the Lobby.
Frankly, I couldn't give a toss whether politicians are straight or gay - but I do find it despicable when certain individuals make 'lavender' marriages just to get catapulted into a safe or marginal candidacy.

One individual in particular sticks in my memory. He had a well-known relationship with another aspirant male Tory candidate but were then told that they would go no farther unless they married 'pretty damn quick'.

Said male Tory followed instructions to the letter and then produced a series of nauseating news sheets in the chosen constituency , with THE WEDDING PICTURES and a section saying 'Why Married Life Is So Fantastic'.
It is this type of hypocrisy that is despicable.If the Hague furore out this other politician - still plying his Westminster trade - and those like him, justice will have been done.

Anonymous said...

Hague has now ensured that the item remains top news billing by giving an interview saying why he had decided to make a statement.

Methinks he doth protest too much and look forward to the Sundays

Anonymous said...

The estimable Simon Heffer who has had distinguished mention elsewhere in this blog, makes, as always, the definitive judgement on William Hague.Look it up care of The Daily Telegraph today.

Sauti Ndogo said...

It's too early to say it's a "definitive judgment" on Hague, though Heffer does make a good case (and outside writings about Oscar Wilde, you don't often see the word catamite these days).

Still, the fuss could blow over quite quickly as the political season resumes.

BTW the Heffer piece is at:

Anonymous said...

Nothing in the Sundays of note on this today, Suspect we are talking about a slow burn.