Sunday, 26 September 2010

victim of Tory cuts!

Er, possibly. The fraudster's friend is out, to be replaced by Dictatorship Dave, see below from Reading Buses, Friday 24th September:

New Chairman

Reading Transport appoints a new chairman.

The Board of Reading Transport Ltd last night appointed David Sutton as its new Chairman.
He succeeds Stuart Singleton-White who chaired the meeting for the last time.  His appointment as a Director ends this month.
In a statement issued today, David Sutton said:  “This is a position which I neither sought nor expected, but which will be an honour to hold.
“I will try to continue the work of my predecessors in building a bus company and a bus service of which Reading can be truly proud.
“I would like to pay a special tribute to the work which Stuart Singleton-White performed as Chair in a really progressive and consensual manner which I will seek to emulate.
“Fortunately for me, Stuart is a close personal friend and I will be able to draw regularly on his advice.” 
Commenting on the appointment, Councillor Warren Swaine, also a Non-Executive Director of the Company, said today:  “David Sutton’s appointment is welcomed and will ensure a smooth transition.
“He will lead the Board of Directors in a very support manner as the Company seeks to provide a bus service to the people who live, work and visit Reading.”

So has the Council appointed a new board member of Reading Buses? I think we should be told 


Anonymous said...

Given Cllr Swaine's previous pottymouthed rants about Sutton, I think an explanation is owed for this extraordinary U-turn?

Anonymous said...

"Fortunately for me, Stuart is a close personal friend..."

Oh dear Democracy Dave watch your back as he'll be coming for you.