Friday, 24 September 2010

a Strasbourg scene

this blog might not be the best place for this, but I have just been told an on-my-way-in-to-work-this-morning anecdote today (remember we are in France) - like this: elderly woman with small dog on lead; dog gets interested in something on ground; elderly owner pulls dog away; dog gets pissed off; they tussle a bit, unequally; dog jumps at owner's face with intent to bite; owner holds dog, by lead, away from own face; dog is beside itself with rage at this point; owner spits, confidently and copiously, in dog's face; collapse of dog rage and sedate departure, side by side, of owner and dog.

in the category of (1) you what? and (2) how I wish I had seen that and had the presence of mind to switch on the video on my iPod.


Anonymous said...

If that had been in the UK the owner would have been prosecuted by the RSPCA !!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic way to sort out disputes! Rage expressed - mutual anger and hatred and then, honour justified, both protagonists can get on with their business - without plotting in dark corners etc.

This would be an absolutely ACE way for CLPs to vent their rage against their MPs - MPs to respond in kind - and then continue to work together - thus eliminating seats being lost to Tories.