Wednesday, 15 September 2010

my fry

Stephen Fry has, it is said, made publishing history by releasing his memoirs as a print book, an e-book and an iphone and iPad application.  Good for him.  I have just tried to get it as an iPad app and have received the helpful message "Aucune app pour iPad ne correspond a votre recherche".  This is presumably because I am in France and therefore obliged to access the French app store.  For the same reason I have no iBooks, because there is nothing in the French iBooks store that I want.  Whatever happened to globalisation?  I have always been in favour of it and am still waiting.


Anonymous said...

Not a big fan of fry. He seems to have attemptyed to colonise Oscar Wilde and he was always Stephen Fry when playing Oscar Wilde in the film of the same name.

By the by - apropos of nothing in particular - go and see Tamara Drewe when you can.
The little girl who plays Jodie deserves an Oscar , and the dog is just awesome.

jane said...

have seen TD, thought it was rubbish, but agree the girls and the dog excellent

Mr London Street said...

I was bored of Fry before he became the monster that invaded Twitter. But as so often with this kind of thing he's nowhere near as bad as his acolytes and impersonators.