Sunday, 26 September 2010

turns out

that the new regime in Reading booted the fraudster's friend, Stuart Singleton-White, off the board of Reading Buses on 12th July this year,(Cabinet minutes inform us), once the coalition had got its feet under the table, and replaced him as chair with his deputy, Dictatorship Dave "moronic members of the public" Sutton. However they put one of their own, Cllr Tom Harris, on to the board, as well they might. It does seem a little unfair of the Tories, given all the help S S-W gave them, but whatever. Presumably this was a Tory-Labour stitch-up to keep an unwanted person, probably a LibDem, off the board of that august body. In what is undoubtedly an unrelated stratagem, Cllr Warren Swaine (LibDem, Katesgrove, the very "moronic member of the public" who ousted Dictatorship Dave from Reading Borough Council (huzzah!) is quoted in that very statement (see previous post) possibly deliberately incoherently.

In an unrelated development, Cllr Azam Janjua (Con, Church) has been appointed to the board of Readibus, along with Cllrs Ruhemann and Tory Tickner. I wonder if Tickner sits with him in meetings,given that the previous Labour Group statement (Lovelock and Sutton passim) said that Janjua was not safe with women, although that did not persuade them to withdraw his taxi licence, because after all girls who get taxis at night are probably from Whitley, and certainly asking for it, hein? And the foregoing is casting no aspersions on Cllr Janjua, which I do not, but on the credibility of Lovelock and Sutton.


Anonymous said...

It's Tim Harris not Tom Harris.

jane said...

Ah yes,you are right my typo,whoops,sorry Tim